Nature Photography Equipment

Nature Photography

If you have already begun exploring how to become a more serious nature photographer, you are most likely overwhelmed by equipment. There is a large amount of different gear out on the market for nature photographers, and not even the most experienced of us can sort through it all. However, we can provide insight as to what equipment a new nature photographer will need. Of course, every photography-related purchase will come with its own set of positive and negative reviews, but keep in mind that all photographers work differently and it will take some time to find what equipment works best for you.

First, you must focus on the body of your new camera. Automatic is an attractive setting for many novice photographers, however you need to acquire a camera body that allows you to manually focus your device. The ability to set your own shutter speed will come in handy as you gain more photography experience. You will eventually find that you know better than your camera body does!

Next, take a look at camera lenses. Nature photographers need a few types of lenses. For example, it is imperative to have a wide-angle zoom lens. A wide-angle lens can be used to shoot both landscape and close-up, more intimate nature scenes. They are a staple among nature photographers. Keep in mind that the wide-angle lens should not go below 28mm. Another great type of lens in which to invest is a telephoto-zoom lens. These are useful because their main function is to make one subject the focal point of an entire picture. This lens will isolate whatever you are taking a picture of, and ensure that it is the main focus of your shot. It will pinpoint the most important details of a shot and draw attention to them. I would highly recommend obtaining both of these types of lenses to start out.

After you purchase a camera body and the necessary lenses, you will need to buy camera accessories. They may seem frivolous, but being a nature photographer is not possible without these additional materials. A tripod, for example, is a staple for nature photographers. In order to take the sharpest pictures possible, you must be able to keep your camera still. There is no way to do this other than to use a tripod. Otherwise, you may want to invest in a few extra materials, such as a lens hood and a camera bag. Buying some filters will be helpful as well, such as a warming filter and a polarizing filter.

Overall, there are many photography materials on the market, which can be very confusing for novice photographers. Stick to the above tips, read reviews of equipment, and get what you need to get started!

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